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Our story

Very determined and passionate about serving all travelers across the globe, Global Wings is on a mission to changing the phase of travel and tourism in the world. In view of this, we have isolated ourselves to become one of the best travel and tour companies in Ghana. 

We are very committed to the standards and we are the pace setters when it comes to travel and tourism. With over a decade of experience in this field, we have made life comfortable for all our customers. Global Wings is ready 24/7 to give you all the needed surport .

About Us

If you want to explore the world, you are in the right place. Read more to know how we take you on trips across the globe.


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About Us

Traveling connects us with many parts of the World. With a whole lot of explorations to make and a lot of places to discover, travel and tourism helps to bridge the gap between we individuals and a lot of places in the world. Global Wings is positioned at the right place and equipped with the necessary tools to help all your travel needs all around the world. Just connect with us and let’s set you on a journey to discover amazing destinations.

Gorkel Obro Adibo,
Why Choose Us

Why we are the best

With over a decade in the travel and tour industry, we have crafted a niche for ourselves. When it comes to customer support, value for money and rendering of good quality service, you can count on Global Wings to deliver the best of service ever experienced in the travel and tour industry.

Exciting Destinations
We guarantee you lot of fun and excitement on our bookings and trips

Value for Money

Anytime you travel with Global Wings or book any of our tour packages, you are guaranteed value for money

24/7 Support

We support you with all your travel needs before during and after your travels. Just visit any of our offices and get started.

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Kindly reach us through our office lines or visit us and get all your travel needs sorted. Have a look at our office hours

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Distance is not a barrier. Kindly reach us on our office line and get started with your travel needs.

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